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Our home electrician company was founded in 1998 and has ever since expanded our top notch electrical wiring services across the country, especially in Frisco, Houston, and Texas. Due to high-quality service we have done for our clients, we have been recognized by top players in this industry and have been featured in major home remodeling and construction magazines.

Our electrician service supply, installation, testing and commissioning for electrical equipment, light fittings, air conditioner wiring, phone system setup, cable laying, street lighting, sound system, ventilation system, fire protection system, ceiling fan installation, and repair service. Moreover, on-site survey and consultation are offered for free before we jump into the real job.

We are made up highly skilled electricians and contractors who are qualified for any work related to electrical and wiring. We are able to work on our own or collaborate with your remodeling contractor or any construction workers to accommodate your need for having a cozy, comfortable, and safe home or office.

Construction and electricity industry grow every year. There are new designs and new techniques being regularly invented, all for human satisfaction, enhance balance in life, safety, and personalized every building. Thus, we always keep our professionals trained by experts, join communities, attend workshops and seminar to keep us consistently up-to-date with wiring technology and to sharpen their skills for better electrical problem solving.

All of our electricians have a vast knowledge and skills on safety regulation with high commitment, premium service, on-time delivery, and excellent workmanship in all projects.

Give us a call or email us for any inquiries regarding our quality Wiring and Installation Services for your home residential buildings, commercial or industrial buildings