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“The Plus 5 Homeowner’s Electrical Protection Plan”

What is it?

Plus 5 says “This home was built by skilled craftsmen, using quality materials.”

The Plus 5 Homeowner’s Electrical Protection Plan is for extended warranty on your new home materials and workmanship for an additional five years beyond the builder’s one-year warranty. The program was created and sponsored by the Fox Valley Area Labor Management Cooperative Committee.

Benefits of Plus 5

The Plus 5 Homeowner’s Electrical Protection Plan is an added benefit of substantial value provided to the original homeowner on newly-built homes.

This added level of protection builds confidence in the quality of home construction and allays any concerns on the part of the homebuyer about the electrical system.

And it says you cared enough to hire the best…The Fox Valley Area Electrical Workers!

We sponsor Plus 5 because we have confidence in our workmanship. Our qualified member electricians are well-trained and experienced in their trade…the best there are!
What’s involved in offering Plus 5?

Offering the Plus 5 Plan to the homebuyer takes no additional effort, adds nothing to construction costs, and requires no involved administrative or legal procedures. You simply hire a local +5 associated Electrical Contractor and we take care of the rest for you.

In the unlikely event that a problem should develop in the original wiring system during your first year of ownership, we correct it under terms of the builder’s contract. Then, for five more years, the F.V.A.E.W.Local 577 will continue this same protection on its own. Just contact your contractor and he will correct the difficulty. There will be no charge for service.